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The Brain Barriers Symposia Initiative

An IBBS Sponsored Activity

Martha O'Donnell and Bill Banks have volunteered to co-chair the Brain Barriers Symposia Initiative (BBSI) under the umbrella of the IBBS. They will pro-actively contact meetings that might be interested in having a talk or session dedicated to brain barriers. This is very much a "grass roots" initiative and so to be successful, they ask IBBS members to participate in at least three key ways:
1) If you would like to join the speaker pool, please email to Martha or Bill the BB topics on which you would be willing to speak.

2) As a separate category, please list any BB methodologies on which you are expert that could be lecture or workshop items.

3) Please forward to Martha or Bill any meetings, symposia, or other scientific gatherings that might be interested in having a BBB session or talk. Please make this a consideration throughout the year as you hear of meetings and plan your own meeting calendar. The emails for Martha and Bill are:

Martha O'Donnell: meodonnell@ucdavis.edu

Bill Banks: bankswa@slu.edu

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